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The New Structuralists (Midterm) 


For your midterm you are going to reimagine structuralist filmmaking by creating a video with your own unique set of rules (at least three). Your rules can apply to the production techniques, content, editing or a combination of the three. Your video can be performative, appropriated, animated, abstract, or a narrative. The rules, technique, duration, and content are completely up to you but these parameters must be defined before you begin production. Your completed video should be uploaded to Vimeo with your rules in the description box below the video. 


Pitch (Defining and explaining your rules) February 16th


Midterm Screening February 28th


For next class (Thursday 2/2) bring materials to paint on film.

ink, markers, glitter nail polish, paint that works on plastic, hole punches, masking tape, needles (things that scratch), stamps with non water based ink, clear tape (sticky flat things), thin stickers.

Meet in the Melchers Digi Lab.